What is East Asian Medicine (EAM)?

EAM is a 2000+ year old medical system including treatments with Acupuncture, Chinese herbal therapy, Moxabustion, TuiNa, Cupping, Dietary Therapy and Lifestyle Modifications.

EAM focuses on treating the root level of a presenting disharmony, its’ focus is not solely treating the signs or associated symptoms (branches) themselves.  For example, someone may come in complaining of a toothache, so the goal of the treatment will be to eliminate the present pain, but also go beyond the physical pain and begin to understand why the pain was there in the first place. Once we are able to understand the root of the problem then we can begin to make changes via Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Dietary Modifications and Lifestyle changes to ensure more consistent proper flow of Qi and Blood in the body. This will begin the process for prevention of future discomfort in the body, rather than perpetuating a cycle of pain-relief-pain-relief.

How does Acupuncture work?

Acupuncture needles are single-use disposable needles, which are hair-thin in diameter, they are inserted into specific points located on the body. The points chosen are selected on an individual basis based on your Chinese Medicine diagnosis. Although two people may complain of the same discomfort, different points may be used since each person is unique with their own constitutional design, life experiences, body type, and triggers.

The points are located along the meridian system, a network of energy flowing through the body from head to toe, hand to hand, belly to back. This network system is a pathway for communication throughout the body. By inserting the needles into various points we are able to send messages via the meridian system so the body may begin to communicate with itself and restore balance. The placement of needles allows the body to move what is stuck, enhance blood flow, ease pain, and allow the Qi to flow so that body may function optimally.

What is Qi (pronounced chee)?

Qi is the life force within all living things. It is our breath, the breath of nature; the breath of all life, creatures, and plants. It is that which moves all aspects in the universe. When the Qi gets stuck, there will be disharmony which can lead to imbalance. At first the imbalance may seem mild or even unnoticeable, but over time these blockages can begin to disrupt the balance in a way that generates pain, discomfort, emotional upset,  and can begin to disrupt our lives in a way that stops us from moving forward.

How will you understand what my problem is that I am seeking help for?

We will spend time together discussing your current medical history and translating your symptoms into an Eastern/Chinese Medicine diagnosis by using specific Chinese Medicine diagnostics such as question/answer, palpation, tongue diagnosis and pulse taking.

What should I wear?

Dress comfortably–you can bring a change of loose fitting clothing or wear items that will allow easy access to acupuncture points. Many points used are located below the knees and elbows and on the abdomen. If we need to access points that are a little more hidden, I have sheets and towels that we will cover you with to help maintain your privacy.

What do the needles feel like?

During your Acupuncture treatment, you may feel an array of sensations as the needles are inserted. Some people report feeling no sensation at all, while others feel a slight burning, itching, tingling, jolt of energy, or even notice a sensation on a part of the body far from where the needle was inserted. Should you feel any discomfort, please let me know so that we can discuss the sensation and adjust the needle if necessary.

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