Non-Profit of the Month

We are wrapping up our first ‘Non-Profit of the Month’ for January.

We will be donating $5 for each person that received a treatment during the month of January to Loop It Up Savannah. I hope everyone had a chance to check out Loop It Up Savannah. If you would like to learn more, donate or volunteer you can contact Molly Lieberman directly at or by calling 912-660-2812.

February brings about a new month, and a new non-profit. For the month of February Jen Marks Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine Center, LLC will be donating $5 per treatment for the month of February to Deep Center. Please take a moment to learn more about Deep Center.

Deep Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides free, fun, and rigorous writing workshops for public school students in Savannah, Georgia. We connect kids with a thriving community of writing mentors—local authors, poets, and journalists—to help them share their stories. You can visit Deep Center to learn more, donate or volunteer as a fellow by visiting Deep online.

The purpose of the non-profit a month is to highlight a local non-profit, give back to the community and educate the people of Savannah about the beautiful work being invested into our city to better take care of each other.

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