4 thoughts on “CAP

    • Jen Marks, L.Ac. MSTOM says:

      Hey Brenda, I sent you a message. I will be doing Community Acupuncture at Dancing Dogs Yoga in Savannah on May 7th. You can contact Dancing Dogs for more information and to register. With warmth, Jen.

  1. brendec7 says:

    Thank you for replying! I will let my sister know. She lives on Tybee island . Will you only be there on that one day or will you be there on a regular basis?


    • Jen Marks, L.Ac. MSTOM says:

      As of right, it will only be on this day. This will be a talk on acupuncture and then group treatment. Depending on how everything goes, we may start doing this more often. I have lots of ideas, but nothing is in stone other than this day for now.

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