Links to businesses and people doing good work for the greater Community:

Brian MacGregor, local Savannah artist located in City Market. Brian MacGregor works in a style he calls “Romantic Surrealism” painted in oils and inspired by his and thousands of other peoples handwritten dreams which he collects and includes into his art. His imagery comes from those dreams and his international travels to places very dream like and powerful. Jen Marks L.Ac. logo was created and illustrated by Brian.

Betsy Powers, MA, LPC is a therapist trained at Naropa University in Somatic counseling psychology/ Body psychotherapy. Her holistic approach works to integrate the body and mind to help people live more authentically and is an effective method for treatment of various symptoms and illnesses. A core belief of her practice is that we are always moving toward healing and have everything that we need within us to do so. She is also a long-time yoga teacher, offering workshops focused on emotional well-being to the community. She is currently taking new clients. For more information, you can contact Betsy directly.

Cathy Thomas, has 15 years professional experience in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Integrative Stretching, Myofascial Release, Cupping, Trigger Point Therapy, Reflexology, Prenatal, Lomi Lomi, Hot Stone, Aromatherapy, & Spa Therapies. She is also a Reiki Master and practices breath work. Cathy’s work is purely innate and intuitive, her ability to tune-into the deeper layers of the body/mind allows for long lasting relief that goes beyond your time on the table.

Local FarmBag, offers affordable, local, organic foods, and they deliver it to your door! They offer delivery services weekly or bi-weekly, with four different sized options, of seasonal produce. In addition to what is seasonal, they always offer additional ad-ons such as fresh breads, eggs, meats, dairy, etc. Their service has changed my life for the better! Their customer service is also incredible!

GeorgAnna Wiley, is a Credentialed Nurse MidWife (CNM) licensed in Georgia and South Carolina. in addition to her home and water birthing services she offers Well Women exams, placenta encapsulation, preconception counseling, and home birth workshops.

Joanne Morton is a Savannah based positive energy artist from NYC. She offers private sessions on how to make the Law of Attraction come to life, and to help open the doors to create the life you dream of, but have not yet made the leap into. She also speaks regularly on her self titled lifestyle, Magic, Passion, Love while spreading the word about her manifesting mobiles.

NeverHomeMaker, a great resource for an array of recipes. Smoothies, sandwiches, dinners, sides, dessert and more. It is all there to fulfill your every waking moment of hunger fueled by creativity.


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