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“I started seeing Jen Marks about three months ago and I am much better for it. I had some chronic pain that wouldn’t go away. It made me feel old! Happy to say that I am largely pain free now and back to my young self. Jen is a great listener: thoughtful, intuitive, and generous. As skilled as she is, she is also dedicated to becoming even better with her continuing coursework and studies. Jen Marks is an asset to the Savannah Community.” -MO

“Jen is a patient listener, a gentle practitioner and continually takes classes in Chinese Medicine to enhance her skills.  Under her care I’ve recovered from a nasty fall, alleviated menopausal symptoms and stayed off cigarettes.  Jen is also active in the Savannah community and is an excellent source for referrals.” -SG

“I highly recommend Jen Marks. She is a great acupuncturist and a true healer. She applies needles with grace and conviction. Her depth of knowledge is tremendous, and she is always happy to answer any questions. I definitely feel stronger and less stressed since I’ve started seeing her. My sessions with Jen have been a tremendous help, boosting my body and mind during a very challenging time.” -LB

“Sometimes we’re lucky enough to come across people who are truly good at what they do. It’s inspiring and fortifying and life affirming and all that good stuff. Savannah is lucky to have Jen Marks. And we are too. My wife and I have been going to Jen for four months and now we consider her our family doctor. Invariably, I leave her practice feeling better than when I came in and I consistently take home some helpful piece of knowledge or wisdom for the week. The thing I appreciate most about Jen Marks is her ability to make me feel heard, understood, and cared for when it comes to my health and well-being. Sitting with her, talking about my week, my diet, my aches and pains, mental frustrations, energy levels, patterns of behavior is the most human and  whole and intimate healthcare experience I’ve ever had. She’s more than an acupuncturist. We are so lucky to have her in our city and we hope she sticks around!” – AC

“I started acupuncture just over a month ago and already I am enjoying so many benefits!  My pain is greatly diminished, and my mind even a bit more quiet thanks to Jen’s treatments.
I got sick recently (bronchitis) and for the first time I combined the usual antibiotics and over the counter meds with acupuncture and cupping – and it was the fastest my congestion, breathing, and health improved!
Jen is thorough, thoughtful, caring and compassionate.  She always takes the time to educate me and ask questions.  I feel so lucky to have found a true healer.  I highly recommend making an appointment!” – KS

“Jen is an incredibly talented and intuitive healer. My energy completely shifted after just one session with her, and I left feeling very refreshed and much more in tune and aware of my physical body. She did an amazing job explaining everything to me in a way that I could understand was very conscious and detailed in her assessment. I highly recommend everyone go see Jen!” – MA

I just want to say that after having a private session with Jen, she is the best! I’ve had acupuncture with several different practitioners in the past and she is excellent-caring, thorough and affordable.” -DF

“Jen Marks has a world of knowledge. She brings the teachings in an accessible way. I simply cannot say enough good things about her.” – AM

“Jen took time to listen carefully to my concerns, and made holistic connections between my emotional and physical well-being. She is very caring and has a calming presence. Her treatments are extremely therapeutic!” -KD

“Great healer. Wish I lived closer. She was spot on with her assessment of me.” -YS

“Amazing. Caring. Brilliant. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I can’t sing the praises of Jen Marks enough. I’ve seen several wonderful acupuncturists but Jen has that something special, a true healer.  She is incredibly intuitive and really listens to you and your body. Her technique is gentile and very effective. I rarely wright reviews, only when I feel something or someone is exceptional and this is the case with her. Do yourself a favor and make an appointment with this gal STAT!” -MC

“I got so lucky to receive acupuncture treatment from Jen. Whenever I need physical or mental assistance, feeling pain or sick or just sad, depressed and blue. Jen was the only Acupuncturist in the area that I felt that she really listen and know what to do. Thank you Jen for tacking care of my health!” -TM

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